Exquisite Peach Jelly, 40 g

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Exquisite Peach Jelly

Exquisite Gelatin is the best option when choosing a rich and healthy dessert. Because its flavor is achieved with the most delicious peaches and does not contain additional sugar.

Furthermore, gelatin has many benefits such as ...

  • Rich in amino acids

    The presence of amino acids such as glycine and arginine contribute to promoting muscle building, promoting fat burning and stimulating metabolism.

  • Sugar and fat free

    Other properties of gelatin refer to its low sugar, fat and cholesterol. In fact, many people who intend to lose weight include it in their diet.

  • Facilitates digestion

    Incorporating gelatin into our dishes or even taking it afterwards achieves facilitate the act of digestion of certain foods such as dairy and meat, helping to regulate hormones and boost the immune system.